Plant Based Goodness

I and my wife are professionals in our respective fields and have been running our pure vegetarian restaurants for the last 10 years and thanks to the Covid-19 outbreak, we had to close both outlets. While we were pondering what to do next, we came up with this idea to start our vegan burger range. Even before we launch vegan burgers, why NOT vegan patties yet. Veganism is the need of the hour and maybe the only solution currently to the exploitation of animals and nature. So here we are, with our vegan patties for you to try. We can assure you that these patties will blow your mind in terms of texture, flavours, and taste.

Did we mention, these patties are onion and garlic free, free of preservatives, colour, and anything artificial. Get the chunkiest and healthiest vegan burger patties. Our guarantee is that you will get premium products at an affordable price. Get patties that are free from additives, colours, and all kinds of preservatives.