Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

This Apps/Websiteis operated by Sri Tulsi Enterprise. By using this Apps/Website onlineshopping, you are agreed to the following terms, conditions, policies, andnotices stated here.


PLEASE NOTE THAT Veganza2 frozen productsare available in certain parts of Malaysia.



·       This Apps/Website is owned and operated by SriTulsi Enterprise (Reg.No. 002669438-U) (Hereinafter referred to as “STE”)

·      STE trades under the brand name Veganza2/ Veganza²

·       By accessing, browsing, or using this Apps/Website,you agree to all terms, conditions, policies & disclaimers.

·       STEmay amend these terms and conditions from time to time. Any amendment iseffective immediately.



Allmaterial on websites owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by STE, includingbut not limited to images, illustrations, audio clips, and video clips, isprotected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property rightswhich are owned and controlled by STE its related companies or by other partiesthat have licensed their material to STE.


Materialon any Apps/Website owned, operated, licensed or controlled by STE is solelyfor your personal, non-commercial use. Such material may not be copied,reproduced, republished, modified, uploaded, posted, transmitted, ordistributed in any way, including by e-mail or other electronic means, withoutthe express prior written consent of STE.


Useof the materials on any other website or networked computer environment, or useof the materials for any purpose other than personal, non-commercial use is aviolation of STE copyrights, trademarks and proprietary rights and isprohibited.

Allthird party trademarks, product names, and company names and logos appearing onthis website is the property of their respective owners.



Theuse of this Apps/Website and these conditions are governed by and construed inaccordance with the laws of Malaysia.


Anylegal action arising out of its use shall be brought and enforced under theapplicable Malaysian law.



Anyparty engaged in illegal activities involving the use of this Apps/Website willbe subject to civil and criminal sanctions and prosecution.


STEdoes not guarantee that it will be able to prevent any illegal or inappropriateuse of this website, nor that it will give notice of any illegal orinappropriate use of this website.


Itis illegal to place orders under a false name, with a fraudulently obtainedcredit card, or without the consent of the cardholder. Persons found to haveplaced a fraudulent order will be prosecuted.



Collection and Use of Information

STEcollects personal data for the purpose of fulfilling orders for products orservices, or for the purpose of competitions and prize-giving, or for any othersuch purpose which requires the collection of personal data in order for STE tofulfill an obligation.


Personaldata includes but is not limited to: the full name of the customer and/orrecipient or competition entrant, payment details, e-mail address, recipientaddress and contact (mobile) phone numbers.


STEdoes not keep records of customer credit card details.


Disclosureof Information

STEmay disclose personal data necessary to third party service providers for thepurpose of fulfilling customer orders and any other obligations, such as delivery,prize-giving or sponsorships.


STE will not disclose personal information to thirdparties for marketing purposes without prior authorization.


Underno circumstances will STE sell or receive payments or services for disclosingcustomer's personal information to any partner or external company.


SenderAnonymity and Disclosure

Customershave the right to remain anonymous except in circumstances where personalinformation is required to complete an electronic transaction.

STEwill not disclose sender/customer information to a recipient unless requestedor approved to do so by the sender/customer.



ThisApps/Websites utilize cookies to store information of browsing history and toenable browsing features. We do not store any personal or financial informationabout customer-used cookies.



Customerscan elect to receive promotional material by register as a Member and opting toreceive plain text or HTML emails.

Allmarketing material sent to the subscriber will include an option for the a subscriber to request removal from mailing or contact lists for any futuremarketing




Allprices, unless otherwise stated, are quoted in Ringgit Malaysia (MYR).

Productprices do not include delivery fees.


In the event a customer is entitled to a refund, the refund will be made to theoriginal credit card or bank account. Customers may contact the customer servicedepartment at +60193477225 for all refund-related matters.




Productsin this Apps/Website are not available at all locations. Customers will beinformed when a selected product is unavailable to a delivery location.


Allproducts on this website are only available in most of the district within KlangValley, Malaysia. Please check the delivery coverage before you make apurchase.

Substitutionand Seasonal Availability Disclaimer’

STEendeavours to fulfill orders in compliance with product descriptions, howeverorders may be subject to seasonal and product availability.


STEreserves the right to substitute products and items when necessary. Utmost careis taken to ensure the final product is as similar in quality to the requesteditem. Substitutions and alterations to the style of a product will be ofsimilar quality and value.


Photographyand Products

Forphotographic purposes containers such as dishes, glasses, or other props maybeused for display purposes and are not included with the final product. Theitemised product description available on the product page outlines thecontents of final products.



Discountsapply to the product value and exclude the delivery charge.

Discountsmay not be combined with any other offers, discounts, or gift vouchers.

Discountsmay not be redeemed for cash or transferred.

Customersentitled to a discount, must quote, enter or apply the valid discount codeprior to order payment and finalisation.


Discountswill not be applied to an order after payment has been taken.

Theseterms and conditions apply in conjunction with any terms and conditions,written on or associated with, the discount.



DeliveryFee Quote Guarantee

Priorto checkout, STE agrees to quote and/or display the delivery fee.



Cut-off time is 3 pm and based on a schedule. Delivery will be done within 7 daysof placing and paying for the order.


Saturday,Sunday and Public Holiday Deliveries

Weekenddelivery only for Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays are not available.


SpecialEvents Deliveries

STEsets different terms and conditions in relation to special events. Theseinclude, but are not limited to, all Chinese festivals, Mother’s Day, amongothers.

Termsand Conditions in relation to special events will be updated on our websitefrom time to time and will be effective immediately.


Deliveriesin Transit

STEdoes not provide a track and trace service or an estimated time of arrival onceproducts are in transit for delivery.



ForResidential addresses, if a courier deems a delivery location unsafe, the orderwill be returned to dispatch and re-delivery fees will apply.

Forbusiness, school, and hospital addresses, STE accepts no responsibility fordelivered items that are redirected to the mailroom, front desk, or reception.



Anydissatisfaction with the product(s) must be communicated to Customer Servicewithin three (3) days of delivery. Please call +60193477225 for all complaintsrelated matters or use the goods damage form to inform us.


STEreserves the right to request photos of the original product(s). To assist usin quality control it is our policy, if requested by us, to collect theoriginal products.



Cancellations24 hours prior to the scheduled delivery date for deliveries will incur an administration fee of RM10.00.

Cancellationsreceived after the applicable period stated in the above, will be refunded at50% of the total order value.

Ifthe cancellation is authorised the difference will be refunded, within 5 – 7 workingdays, or at the discretion of the customer’s bank/financial institution.



Weare unable to provide any alterations or amendments for orders that are in theprocess of being prepared, already prepared, and/or in transit.


Dependingupon the alteration or amendments, the Customer must pay for any additional feesand charges incurred.


Nocash or credit refunds will be made for alterations or amendments that resultin a value less than the original order cost.


Alterationsand amendments must be requested before 3.00 pm (Malaysian Time) the day beforethe set delivery date.


STEreserves the right to refuse alterations and amendments.



Customersmust supply STE with a valid contact email and two phone numbers (eg. alandline and a mobile.)


STEaccepts no liability arising out of failure to contact a customer, where thecontact details were not supplied, were invalid or incorrect.

Itis the obligation of the customer to ensure the recipient’s delivery address iscorrect.


Failureto provide the correct delivery details may result in incorrectly deliveredgoods, undelivered goods, and additional redirect fees.


STEaccepts no liability for incorrectly delivered or undelivered goods, where thecustomer made no reasonable attempt to correct the address within a reasonableperiod of time and/or STE acted reasonably when delivering the goods.


Thecustomer must ensure recipient details, such as their name and address arecorrect and also spelled correctly. STE accepts no responsibility for anyincorrect information when such information results from a reliance oninformation provided by the customer.



Thecertificate/voucher is redeemable by the bearer for merchandise in this websiteto the value stated on the front of the certificate/voucher.


Thecertificate/voucher may not be used after the expiry date as stated on thecertificate/voucher and is not exchangeable, refundable, replaceable orredeemable for cash or payment of accounts.


Aminimum purchase value as stated on the gift certificates/vouchers isapplicable. The minimum purchase value is exclusive of delivery fees.

Thecertificate/voucher cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion ordiscount offer. Only one discount will apply per order and it will be thelarger discount of the two.


Limitof one certificate/voucher per order.


STEis not responsible or liable for certificates/vouchers that are lost or stolen.

Thisvoucher may only be redeemed through our Apps/Website.

STEwill not redeem a voucher if our records indicate that the certificate/voucherhas already been redeemed or has not been issued.


Certificates/vouchersmay not be applied after a transaction is completed.

Anyinconsistencies and issues arising from differences between the terms andconditions listed here and presented on the gift certificate/voucher is at thediscretion of STE to resolve.



STEis not liable for failure to perform obligations, including but not limited to,the fulfillment of an order or a delivery, if such failure occurs as a result ofacts of God (including fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane, pandemic, or other natural disasters) or any other event or phenomenon beyond STE’s control.